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Render Services 

With over 25 years of experience in the rendering sector, TaylorMade Facades has the expertise and knowledge to provide the perfect solution for any project. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results and exceeding our clients' expectations. Whether it's a commercial, residential, or industrial project, we have the skills and resources to ensure a successful outcome. Trust TaylorMade Facades to bring your vision to life with our proven track record of excellence in the industry.

Monocouche / Scratch Render 


Monocouche render, also known as scratch render, is a popular choice for exterior wall finishes due to its numerous benefits. This type of render is a pre-mixed, cementitious product that is applied in a single layer, eliminating the need for multiple coats. Monocouche render offers excellent weather resistance, durability, and low maintenance, making it a cost-effective option for long-term protection of building facades. In addition to its practical advantages, Monocouche render is available in a wide range of colors, allowing for endless design possibilities. Whether it's a traditional or contemporary look you're after, the extensive color palette of Monocouche render provides the flexibility to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. From earthy tones to vibrant hues, there is a color to suit every architectural style and personal preference. With its combination of performance and aesthetic versatility, Monocouche render is a popular choice for architects, builders, and homeowners looking to enhance the appearance and resilience of their properties.

Lime Render  


Lime render is a traditional building material that has been used for centuries due to its durability and breathability. There are different types of lime render, including hydraulic lime render, non-hydraulic lime render, and lime putty render. Hydraulic lime render is suitable for areas exposed to high levels of moisture, such as basements or exterior walls, as it sets through a chemical reaction with water. Non-hydraulic lime render is best suited for interior walls and ceilings, as it requires exposure to air in order to set. Lime putty render is a versatile option that can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces, offering a smooth and workable finish. Lime render should be used in historic or traditional buildings, as well as in new construction projects seeking a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. The benefits of using lime render include its flexibility, allowing for natural movement in the building structure, its ability to regulate moisture and prevent condensation, and its minimal environmental impact compared to modern cement-based renders. Overall, lime render is a versatile and practical choice for a wide range of building applications.

Traditional Sand and Cement/Tanking


Traditional sand and cement render is a time-tested method for exterior wall finishing and renovation, made from a mix of Portland cement, hydrated lime, quartz aggregate, and refining agents. It is durable, cost-effective, and versatile, suitable for various architectural styles. The application involves a scratch coat and a floating coat, and it can be used internally and externally. While still in use today, it can also serve as a base for modern 'thin coat' renders, with new additives enhancing its waterproofing, flexibility, and lifespan. When applied correctly, it yields a smooth, protective, and visually appealing surface.

EWI Systems / Acrylic  


External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the energy efficiency and longevity of buildings. By applying insulating materials to the exterior walls, EWI significantly reduces heat loss, leading to lower energy consumption and decreased heating costs. Additionally, EWI provides superior protection against weather elements, moisture, and structural damage, thereby extending the lifespan of the building and reducing maintenance expenses. With its ability to improve thermal performance while offering aesthetic customization options, EWI is a versatile and cost-effective choice for residential, commercial, and industrial properties alike.

Dash / Textured Finishes


Dash and textured renders are popular choices for exterior wall finishes in the UK due to their numerous benefits. Dash render, also known as roughcast render, consists of aggregates such as pebbles or stone chips mixed with cement or lime, providing a textured appearance. This type of render offers excellent durability, weather resistance, and can effectively hide imperfections in the substrate, making it ideal for older buildings or areas prone to harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, textured render comes in various finishes, including smooth, rough, or patterned, adding aesthetic appeal to buildings while also offering protection against moisture and UV damage. Both dash and textured renders require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term costs for property owners. Additionally, they can improve thermal insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing heating bills, thus making them advantageous choices for construction projects in the UK.

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