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Taylormade Facades are the company for you. We offer comprehensive services in Wales, England, and with more than 50 years of experience, we are able to bring your vision to life. We use quality materials and our traders are highly equipped to provide the best service from beginning to end. For your next plaster & rendering project, please contact us at 01685 875410. We will provide you with an estimate without obligation to help you get started.


Monocouche is a French word that refers to a layer or a single layer. Monocouche renderings do not need a base coat. It's perfect for new construction.

It comes in a variety of colours and can be finished in several textured technics please see our section on finishes    


Lime coatings are one of the best options for older houses constructed many years ago with solid stone walls. Lime rendering gives a natural appearance. New constructions can also benefit from this method if you are looking for a traditional look. Another advantage of using lime is its flexibility; it also breathable so prevents problems with moisture getting trapped within the wall — a common problem where cement renders.

Lime Render .jpeg

Pebbledash is used for its durability and its capacity to resist the elements of the British weather and is very hard-wearing. Pebbledash may also take advantage of where graffiti may be a problem due to its course finish. It's tough to tarnish the surface. Pebbledash comes in a variety of colours & sizes. Dash receiver traditionally used sand and cermet with a grey look; fortunately, that's no longer the case; there are many base colours to choose from. Pebbledash is not a preferred method; however, If applied correctly, it can look fantastic.

External wall solutions as a build up of an insulation board layer fixed to the existing substrate, a protective render is then applied to seal the facades.the final finish can be a decorative render finish timber panelling brick slips architectural mouldings; there are many choices, please contact for more information. 


Sand and traditional cement, rendering are a mix of sand and cement which is applied directly to the bare brick/block of a property and then troweled until flat. 
It remains one of the cheapest forms of rendering and done properly, it can ensure both protection and a clean and decorative aspect.


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